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All of us can make a difference. Plaid Cymru and Green Party are hearing over half-million voices. Hopefully soon other parties with hear the voices of those yearning for a register.

Animal abuse does not only impact animals, it impacts people too. There is a link between animal abuse and serious crimes. This does not mean everyone who abuses an animal will be a murder. Nonetheless it does mean, for some, the risk exists. By having a register it will help to track and provide help to those who need it. Also it will help to make Britain a safer and secure country.

The quickest way in getting your voice heard is writing your MP supporting the animal abuse register or attending their surgery to discuss the need for an animal abuse register.  Likewise, take time write the editor of you local paper or sign the petition. If you are a member of a United Kingdom political party raise the issue and keep updated on the progress of the register.

Below is an older video made right before Maxine Berry delivers nearly half-million signatures to DEFRA. By working together we can bring a brighter tomorrow for millions of animals and bring a brighter tomorrow for families across Britain.


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